Details of each of my books as well as anthologies of environmental literature where my work is included. I have also tried to include information on how and where to buy them. I’d highly recommend your local independent bookseller – usually happy to place an order if not in stock – or online via so that your purchase still supports “real” book shops.

Abundance: Nature in Recovery

‘If I was to recommend one book people should read for their well-being, it would be this.’ (Tim Smit, The Eden Project). Published by Bloomsbury in the UK and US, my new book Abundance: Nature…

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Self Portrait as Ornithologist

‘Lloyd’s work is grounded in precise observation, but the best of it goes beyond that in its unsentimental empathy and its imaginative inventiveness.’ (Acumen) Self Portrait as Ornithologist was published by Wayleave Press in July 2020. ‘Both language…

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The Blackbird Diaries (Saraband 2017)

Written as a diary over the course of a single year, I observe the wildlife in our garden on the edge of the English Lake District. The book celebrates the life in an ordinary garden…

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The Gathering Tide (Saraband)

The Gathering Tide: A Journey Around the Edge of Morecambe Bay was an Author’s Book of the Year in The Observer and was awarded the Place Writing prize at Lakeland Book of the Year Awards.…

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